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The construction cooperative started its activity in early 2018 by specialists and like-minded people who have tremendous experience in construction, but have always dreamed of opening their own construction and implementing their own projects. HSC "Cherry" - this is actually the first project in the city of Cherkasy from the developer, and therefore is a visiting card. The idea successfully combined high-quality materials, the accuracy of implementation of the unique author's project of the complex, designed by the honored architect of Ukraine - Cheberyak Yuri Viktorovich. The appearance of the houses is contrasted with the other buildings in our city and does not leave anyone indifferent.

The building site is a quiet green area, which is now rapidly developing, away from the noisy, business epicenter of the city. This is really the place of your own home, where you want to return after a hard day at work, where you can relax not only with your body, but with your soul. Nearby there are kindergartens, schools, convenient transport interchange. Almost from each house there is an exit on own court yard where it is safe to play children, it is fine to feel pets and though every day it is possible to organize warm sit-rounds with native and friends at a fire or a barbecue.

But, of course, the main advantage is not a beautiful appearance or your own yard, but an understanding that you are not just an apartment surrounded by neighbors and not an individual house whose construction requires huge amounts of financing, and owning a full-fledged, isolated from external interference and with the minimized influence of neighbors to their own space. Preserving the privacy of each of the residents, the comfort of living and economy are the main principles of the builder.

Quality. This is the driving factor in choosing a home for your family. LCD "Cherry" uses the most high-quality materials. The construction of load-bearing walls and interior partitions is carried out exclusively with ceramic (red) brick M100. The thickness of the external walls is 380 mm. Partitions are built in half a brick (120 mm.) The foundation is piled, which means that no shrinkage, landslides, vibrations have any effect. The length of each pile is up to 4 m. The height of the top is 3 m. It says that in such a space one can think not only of practicality, but also embody the most daring design fantasies in working with the space of the room. The first floor is covered with extruded (equal) floor panels, without screed. Roof - metal roof with mansard windows, with steam-hydro insulation, sound insulation and insulation. The facade walls are insulated with special facade thermo panels (100 mm insulation), in which clinker tiles are pressed. It is thanks to the tile and creates such a beautiful appearance of the facade in the aged cherry, with a gradient, color. The entrance to each house is decorated with columns, forged rails, stairs. Install metal armored entrance doors with a lock. Windows - double-glazed windows with energy-saving coating “silverstar”, six chamber profile WDS 7 series, accessories - Mako. Exit to the courtyard - wide metal-plastic doors, (1.6 m. The width of the opening), with a warmed threshold, which eliminates the risk of freezing in winter.

Inside the house, the brick walls are plastered with rough cement-lime-sand plaster, except for the surface of the kitchen and bathrooms from the inside. Each house is supplied with voltage up to 18 kW, two tariff meters for electricity are installed. The house is not distributed. A centralized water supply is provided with a meter for the consumption of cold water and centralized sewerage. Each house has a chimney for a classic fireplace, which is an alternative to electric heating.

Each house can be rescheduled at the request of the owner without changing the design drawing. Also, in the future, the developer will provide additional services for repair work, in part or in turn, and develop individual design projects. And adhering to these precise rules and technologies, the developer has the goal to revive the faith in the development of construction in. Cherkassy.

If you have any question or want to have a look - we are waiting for a visit!
Your LCD "Cherry".